Can people on Reddit see your likes?

Reddit can see it, naturally, they need to know if you’ve already voted on a post. Admins may be able to, I don’t know. But by default, regular users (and mods) can NOT see your up/down voted posts/comments. There is a setting to make (and down voted) public but not by default.

Can other Redditors see your history?

Can other redditors see what subreddits you’ve been to? No. They can see what subreddits you have posted/commented in, though. Also, if you enable the setting to make your votes public (click on preferences then scroll down to privacy options) people would be able to see what you have upvoted/downvoted.

Can people see the posts I Upvoted?

Yes, users and your followers can see what you have upvoted. they can check on your profile and click on activity option.

Can Redditors see who I follow?

Reddit is preparing to do away with a feature that some believe facilitates stalking and harassment: anonymous followers. The social media site will soon tell you which users follow your account. Currently, you can only view how many followers you have, not their specific user handles.

Can Reddit admins see your history?

Reddit moderators can see your post history and comments that are still on reddit.

How do I see who is following me on Reddit 2021?

You can tap on your follower count to see a list of everyone who’s following you ordered chronologically (most recent first). You can use the list to follow someone back or go to their profile, block, or message them. You will also be able to search for a specific username within your follower list.

Can I find out who follows me on Reddit?

How can I see who follows me? u/SusiumQuark1 is right, you can‘t see who’s following you. But it’s worth noting that “following” you is essentially the same as subscribing to a subreddit, except with things you post on your user page.

What can Reddit followers see?

followers see posts you make on your profile in their home feed. that’s all. When you create a post you’re given the option to post it to your account u/ whatever as if it were a subreddit. If you do then all the people who follow you will see your post in their feed as if you’re a subreddit.

Can you remove followers on Reddit?

You cannot remove followers, and blocking only prevents you from receiving messages from them. Having followers just means that anything you post directly to your profile as though it were a subreddit shows up in their feed. If you don’t post anything directly to your profile, nothing will show up in their feed.

How can you tell if someone blocked you on Reddit?

If someone has blocked you they won’t see anything you post on reddit, but you‘ll still see all of their content.

What does blocking on Reddit do?

The tool allows Reddit users to block and mute other users on the site. Once this is done, the Reddit user will no longer see any Reddit posts, comments, or messages from the person they have just blocked.

How do I block followers in ML?

Tap the avatar of the player in the chat, then tap ‘block‘ to add them to your blacklist.

How do I check my followers in ML?

Find the Friends Their Followers Want to See

You can see on the friend list menu, then how to scroll and select the friend’s account if it has been decided. Next, please enter your friend’s profile to see how many followers he has.

How do I hide my history on mobile legends?

Go to the History menu by clicking the profile account and then battlefield > history. After that, activate the hide history feature in Mobile Legends. Done.

What will happen if you block someone in ML?

If you‘re blocked by someone on your friendslist meaning you can’t add them in-game and they cannot message you. You will not see them on your friends list either. They will be added to your blacklist folder on your account.

How do you block a ML player in 2021?

After the target is found, press the profile icon of your friend, then a blacklist option will appear. Press the blacklist and you have successfully blacklisted other people in Mobile Legends.

What does blacklist mean on match?

You can “Blacklist” a profile by clicking on the three dots on the member’s profile, or in a message and then by clicking on “blacklist“. This will block communication with the member. While the member will still be able to view your profile, they will not be able to send you any messages.

How do I delete followers on mobile Legends 2020?

actually it’s quite simple to remove friends, you need to clique on the bottom right icon, (the one that have a person figure) same you clique when you have new messages, select friends from the left menu and clique on the rubbish bin in front of the friend you want to remove.

How do you know if someone unfollowed you on mobile legends?

If the other side unfollow you, there should be a notification or mutual unfollow, instead the other player just silently sits in your “followed” list while they no longer follows you, and you can add any new people that you can play with.

How do I Unsync my Facebook friends in ML?

Unbind it by finding the facebook option on the account menu. Next, please enter your Facebook account id and password on the page provided. Wait until the Facebook unbind process is complete, and then relog it. Done, then you have succeeded in eliminating your FB friends in Mobile Legends.