Do any Starcraft pros play random?


Despite that advantage, pros almost always pick a race as the three races are very different in their style and mechanics. Some players choose Random for no reason other than the desire to play all three races equally.

Is Starcraft 1 still popular?

There’s still a reasonable number of people playing. If you play during good hours in the US, you should be able to find games. I think there’s more people playing UMS maps than 1v1 though. In Korea, it’s very easy to find games, Starcraft 1 is still reasonably popular there.

How much do pro Starcraft players make?

Professional StarCraft II players earn between $100,000 and $300,000 per year from prize winnings. There will be an additional salary from teams and sponsors on top of this, likely an average of $25,000.

Is Protoss the easiest race?

In Bronze-Gold Protoss is the 2nd most used race and everything above that it’s always the lowest. So take that as you want, but the ease of a race for certain new players is purely preferential.