Is there a new underworld movie coming out?

While some believe Blood Wars’ failure might ultimately signal the end for the franchise, Underworld mastermind Len Wiseman still announced plans for a seventh film, and even went so far as to claim Beckinsale would once again appear as Selene.

Why do they keep making Underworld movies?

That’s all great, but you never answered the original question: Why does Hollywood keep making Underworld movies? The simple answer is they are consistently profitable, in part because they don’t cost very much to produce. Only Awakening was budgeted at more than $45 million, and its budget was still just $70 million.

Is Underworld Awakening the last movie?

The fourth film, Underworld: Awakening (2012) is the sequel to Underworld: Evolution. A final film, titled Underworld: Blood Wars, was released internationally on November 24, 2016, and in the United States on January 6, 2017.

Why did Michael not return in Underworld?

While Michael does briefly appear in Underworld: Awakening, he’s not played by Scott Speedman. Series creator Len Wiseman later explained that after focusing on the Selene/Michael dynamic in the first two movies, part 4 was intended to revolve around Selene and her daughter.

Who is the girl at the end of underworld blood wars?

The vampire Selene (Kate Beckinsale) has been a death dealer for thousands of years in the war against the lycans. She was betrayed by the vampire elder Viktor (Bill Nighy) and later met and fell in love with Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman), who would become the first vampire-lycan hybrid.

Why does Marcus kill Selene?

Underworld: Evolution

From Kraven’s memories, Marcus learned of Viktor and Amelia’s deaths, meaning there was now no one to stand in his way. Determined that the time has come to free William, Marcus sought out Selene, a Vampire Death Dealer who held half of the key to William’s dungeon.

Is Alexander Corvinus stronger than Marcus?

It’s also been heavily implied that he is powerful enough to defeat his son, Marcus Corvinus, the most powerful and very first vampire. He simply had zero desire to do so, instead choosing to remain more passive.

Why did Victor kill Sonja?

Who is the strongest Lycan?

she again appears to be in a state of shock when Viktor reacts with disgust and sentences both her and her lover to death. Tragically, Sonja’s love and respect for her father, and her faith in his love for her resulted in her death.

What is a Lycan weakness?

Lycan Physiology: As the first true Lycan, Lucian possesses several superhuman abilities and is the strongest of his race.

What kills a Lycan?

Silver is the Lycans‘ only weakness, as they seem to be violently allergic to it. A new variation on this is the use of silver nitrate bullets to inject the silver directly into a Lycan’s bloodstream.

Why are there no female Lycans?

5.To kill a lycan, one should have to sever the spine from its body. They cannot be killed using silver. On the other hand, a werewolf can be killed with silver objects piercing them into the head or the heart.

Did Kraven kill Lucian?

Viktor forced Lucian and his progeny to feed on humans in order to create more lycans. As such, the gender distribution of the lycans was entirely up to Viktor. Given that their duties mainly required physical strength, Viktor may have preferred to turn only males.

How did Viktor survive Lucian?

Initially, Selene believes the same as all the other Vampires, that Kraven killed Lucian and burned his fortress to the ground.

In which order should I watch Underworld?

Although the Vampire Elder is more powerful, Lucian makes use of Viktor’s weakness, sunlight, to incapacitate the Elder, and stabs Viktor through the mouth. Viktor manages to survive and retreats with Andreas Tanis and the other Elders while the rest of the Vampire Coven are slaughtered by the Lycans.

Is Selene the daughter of Lucian and Sonja?

The first viewing order for the Underworld movies is in production order:
  1. Underworld (2003)
  2. Underworld: Evolution (2006)
  3. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)
  4. Underworld: Endless War (2011)
  5. Underworld: Awakening (2012)
  6. Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

Is Van Helsing and Underworld connection?

Sonja (Rhona Mitra): Bearing an astonishing resemblance to Selene, the daughter of Viktor marries Lucian in secret. After conceiving a child, she is executed in front of Lucian by Viktor as punishment for breaking the Covenant. Similar to Helen of Troy, her death launches the war between Lycan and vampires.

Is there an underworld after blood wars?

In Van Helsing, she appeared as the descendant of an old family that have sworn to destroy Count Dracula. She was resurrected in Underworld as a vampire fighting against the Lycans or werewolves. In this adaptation of Dracula, the legendary vampire hunter Professor Abraham Van Helsing will be a woman instead of a man.

What happened to Eve in underworld blood wars?

Underworld 6: Will It Happen? While there was some brief talk about making an Underworld 6 shortly after the release of Blood Wars from co-creator Len Wiseman, with series star Kate Beckinsale reportedly game to return, nothing ever came of it.

Why is Marius so strong?

Underworld: Blood Wars

After Marius’s death, Selene becomes one of the three new Vampire Elders and remains at the Nordic Coven where, eventually, Eve arrives looking for her mother, possibly after being summoned by Selene. Eve is seen alive and well very briefly in the film, but plays no active role.

How old is Viktor in Underworld?

By drinking and injecting himself with Michael’s hybrid blood every so often, Marius was able to increase his power to that of a powerful evolved Lycan, but only temporarily. To make his abilities permanent, Marius sought Eve’s unique blood who is also a hybrid and contains the pure Corvinus Strain.

Who turned Viktor into a vampire?

The production notes and websites in Evolution note that Viktor was 1400 years old, and Rise of the Lycan he was 1000 years old. William wasn’t captured until 1202 AD.

Is Viktor the oldest vampire?


Marcus Corvinus also recruited the ruthless Hungarian warlord Viktor (played in the first three movies by Bill Nighy) to help capture William. Viktor agreed to offer Marcus his military expertise and army in exchange for being turned into an immortal vampire.