What is the favorite Andy Griffith Show?

1. The Pickle Story. Every Andy Griffith Show fan knows about “the one with Aunt Bee’s pickles.” In “The Pickle Story,” which aired in December of 1961.

What was Don Knotts favorite Andy Griffith Show?

Actor Don Knotts Names His Favorite Episodes of ‘The Andy Griffith Show‘ So, what are the details about Don Knott’s favorite episodes? One of them was titled “The Pickle Story.” The other episode was titled “Barney and the Choir,” according to NPR.

Who was Andy’s first girlfriend on The Andy Griffith Show?

She is played by actress Elinor Donahue in twelve episodes of the first season of The Andy Griffith Show, during which she becomes Andy Taylor’s girlfriend.

Ellie Walker
Portrayed byElinor Donohue

Why did Frances Bavier hate Andy?

Did Helen and Andy date in real life?

Andy Griffith and Frances Bavier did not get along during the series. According to Griffith and Howard Morris, Bavier was extremely sensitive, and resented her role of Aunt Bee. Andy Griffith originally told Don Knotts that he only wanted to do the show for five years. So they both signed five-year contracts.

Who does Andy Taylor marry?

But two people who weren’t cowed by Andy were his lifelong buddy Don and Aneta Corsaut, who played Helen Crump, his girlfriend, on the sitcom. She became his reallife lover almost immediately after joining the cast in 1963.

Did Aunt Bee wear a wig?

episode “Opie Joins the Marines”, made a cameo appearance in the USMC episode “Gomer Goes Home,” five episodes of Mayberry R.F.D. (1968–1971) and the reunion telemovie Return to Mayberry (1986).

Andy Taylor (The Andy Griffith Show)

Andy Taylor
SpouseUnnamed wife (deceased) Helen Crump
ChildrenOpie Taylor (son) Andrew Samuel Taylor, Jr. (son)

Is Helen Crump still alive?

Perhaps the biggest example comes in the season 7 episode “Aunt Bee’s Crowning Glory.” In it, Aunt Bee tries to wear a wig to look prettier, and everybody agrees it’s a good look.

Did Helen and Andy have a baby?

Hutchinson, Kansas, U.S. Studio City, Los Angeles, California, U.S. Aneta Louise Corsaut (November 3, 1933 – November 6, 1995) was an American actress and writer.


TitleThe Andy Griffith Show
RoleHelen Crump
NotesRecurring role

How old was Helen Crump when she died?

The couple move to Raleigh, North Carolina, but return to Mayberry at a later date on Mayberry R.F.D. to christen their newborn son, Andrew Samuel Taylor. In 1986, Andy and Helen made appearances in the reunion telemovie Return to Mayberry.

How much is Betty Lynn worth?

The Helen Crump actor died in 1995 of cancer at the age of 62, days after her birthday. She never married in real life but on Mayberry R.F.D., the spin-off series to The Andy Griffith Show, she and Andy Taylor finally tied the knot.

What’s Ron Howard’s net worth?

Betty Lynn net worth: Betty Lynn is an American actress who has a net worth of $3 million. Betty Lynn was born in Kansas City, Missouri in August 1926. She is best known for starring as Thelma Lou on the television series The Andy Griffith Show from 1961 to 1966.

Is Betty Lynn still alive in 2021?

As of 2021, Ronald Howard’s net worth is approximately $200 million. Ronald Howard is an American filmmaker and actor from Duncan, Oklahoma.

Net Worth:$200 Million
Born:March 1, 1954
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Film Director
Last Updated:2021
Jun 2, 2021

Does Juanita ever appear on Andy Griffith?

She is a retired American actress. Lynn was active from the year 1948 until her retirement in the year 2006.

Betty lynn Net Worth 2021, Age, Height, Weight, Biography, Wiki and Career Details.

Real Name/Full NameElizabeth Ann Theresa ‘BettyLynn
Last Updated:July 2021
Mar 5, 2021

Does Ron Howard get royalties from the Andy Griffith Show?

Juanita Beasley is a waitress at the Bluebird Diner in Mayberry and is never seen in an episode of The Andy Griffith Show. Barney Fife is seen planning dates with her over the phone on several occasions. Juanita never appears in the series in person, but is mentioned as a second girlfriend of Barney’s.

Who was Sheriff Taylor’s girlfriends?

As part owner of the show, he said, Griffith was the only actor on the show to earn producer royalties. Musicians, such as The Dillards — aka the Darling boys — also earned residuals for the original music they performed.

Why did Barney leave Andy Griffith?

Andy Taylor/Significant others

Are Andy and Barney really friends in real life?

On the totem of Andy Taylor’s girlfriends, Peggy McMillan often goes overlooked. The sheriff ended up marrying Helen Crump, Opie’s teacher, so she obviously is best remembered. Ellie Walker first won Andy’s heart, as the two dated in the first season of The Andy Griffith Show.

What gun did Barney carry?

Knotts left the hit show in 1965 because he had been told by Griffith multiple times that the series would be ending in its fifth season. The second banana actor decided, as he told Kelly, to begin “self-protecting” his career and figure out what he would be doing after the show ended.

Why did Barney go to jail?

The reallife Andy and Don were as great of friends as Andy and Barney were on the show. But just like in Mayberry, their reallife relationship had some rocky moments. It was called “The Andy Griffith Show,” but Knotts was really the star. In spite of all that, they remained close friends until Knotts’ death in 2006.

Why is Barney hated?

After becoming a detective on the Raleigh, North Carolina Police Department, Barney Fife (Don Knotts) carried a Colt Detective Special, which he wore in a crossdraw belt holster.

Is the person that played Barney in jail?

Yes. Barney DID go to jail. Last but not least, he was found guilty for smuggling drugs, and giving the drugs to the kids that were on Barney show.