Who is the voice of the deer on open season?

Background information
Games:Open Season: The Game Open Season 2: The Game Open Season 3: The Game
Voice:Patrick Warburton (Open Season, Open Season: The Game) Maddie Taylor (Open Season 2, Open Season 3) Brian Drummond (Open Season: Scared Silly)

Who is the voice of Mr Weenie?

Cody Cameron

Open Season
Will Townsend

Open Season: Scared Silly

Who is Elliot the deer?

Mr. Weenie/Voiced by

Did Elliot die in open season?

Cody Cameron (born October 12, 1970) is an American voice actor, film director and storyboard artist best known for directing Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. He voiced many animated characters, including Pinocchio and the Three Little Pigs in the Shrek series and Mr. Weenie in the Open Season franchise.

Who did Elliot kill in open season?

Elliot is a fast-talking mule deer and the deuteragonist of the Open Season franchise. He is Boog’s best friend, Giselle’s husband, Ian’s former rival, and the father of three children (Gisela and Giselita, and Elvis). He is voiced by Ashton Kutcher in the first film, Joel McHale in the second, Matthew W.

Does anyone die in open season?

Just then, Shaw arrives and is about to shoot Boog and Elliot dead; but right as Gordy pushes Shaw back, the bear is instead shot by Beth with a tranquilizer gun.

Why is open season so bad?

Suddenly, Shaw appears, and attempts to kill Boog with his gun, but Elliot shoots things that they had stolen from the RV. One of the objects hits the gun, and the gun falls out of reach. Shaw then proceeds to attack Boog with his hunting knife. Boog beats him with a golf club Elliot had shot.

Who is the villain in Open Season 3?

Before Shaw can shoot and kill Boog, Elliot sacrifices himself to save Boog. Boog believes Shaw has killed Elliot and becomes enraged, then proceeds to tackle Shaw, roar in his face, and tie him up with his own gun. Boog finds that Elliot survived the blast, only losing his second antler in the fight.

Will There Be A Open Season 4?

Why It Sucks

This film relies way too much on toilet humour, gross-out & butt jokes. There’s even a scene where Elliot eats McSquizzy’s poop, which is coprophagia and is even considered an act of coprophilia.

What is the girl’s name in open season?

Doug is the main antagonist of Open Season 3. He is Alistair’s former leader and boss and current best friend. He was voiced by Matthew J. Munn, who also played Boog in the same film.

When was open season 4?

Open Season: Scared Silly (also known as Open Season 4: Scared Silly or simply Open Season 4) is a 2015 Canadian-American computer-animated comedy film produced by Sony Pictures Animation, with animation provided by Rainmaker Entertainment.

Open Season: Scared Silly
Box office$1.8 million

Will there be a open season 5?

Open SeasonOpen Season 3
ElliotAshton KutcherMaddie Taylor
Mr. WeenieCody Cameron
GiselleJane KrakowskiMelissa Sturm

Where is timberline in open season?

Open Season: Scared Silly/Release date

Who owns open season?

Open Season 5 is a 2022 computer animated family adventure travel film that is a sequel to the 2006 film Open Season, and it’s direct-to-video sequels, Open Season 2, Open Season 3 and Open Season: Scared Silly. It is the fifth installment in the film series, and it is the fifth film to be released in 3D.

Why did they change the cast of Open Season?

Timberline is a location in Open Season and is mentioned and seen in Open Season: Scared Silly. It’s a calm, mountainous town located in state of Oregon.

AppearancesOpen Season, Open Season: Scared Silly
LocationClackamas County, Oregon, USA
VisitorsBobbie, Bob, Mr. Weenie, Shaw, Elliot

How tall is Boog?

Open Season (2006 film)
Open Season
Production companiesSony Pictures Animation
Distributed byColumbia Pictures (Sony Pictures Releasing)
Release dateSeptember 29, 2006 (United States) October 13, 2006 (United Kingdom)
Running time86 minutes

Who is the villain in Open Season 2?

As often happens with animated sequels, the original actors did not return to reprise their roles as the voices of the Open Season characters. Sometimes that’s a function of the actors‘ schedules and conflicting commitments, sometimes it’s a function of the budget the project is working with, and sometimes it’s both.

What is the name of the gun in open season?

Boog Powell
High School:Key West High School (Key West, FL)
College:None Attended
First Game:09-26-1961 (Age 20)
Jan 11, 2021

What is the name of Shaw’s gun in open season?

Who wrote Open Season?

Fifi is the main antagonist of Open Season 2 and a supporting protagonist in Open Season 3.