What do lane control signs tell you?

Lane Control Signs are used to permit or prohibit the use of specific lanes of a street or highway. With Lane Control Signs, you can inform drivers to keep right, merge left, no passing, lane turns left or more. Ensure Lane Control Signs are posted to keep traffic moving in the correct direction.

What is the one lane ahead sign?

A One Lane Road Ahead Sign is designed to inform drivers that one or more lanes will be closed ahead, leaving only one lane open for traffic to pass through.

What does a center lane only sign mean?

The center lane is shared for left turns in both directions of travel. Traveling or passing in the center turn lane is forbidden. Other regulatory signs.

Which sign indicates that two lanes of traffic are permitted to turn left?

These signs are used on one-way streets or driveways. You must always go only in the direction of the arrow. Either of two signs can be used to indicate a two-way left turn lane in the center of a highway. Along with a sign, the two-way left turn lane is marked with yellow lines and white arrows.

What is a merge sign?

The merge sign is a regulatory sign. Drivers who encounter a merge sign are warned that two separate roadways will converge into one lane ahead. The merging traffic sign will typically indicate which lane should be merging into the other.

What does the yellow triangle sign mean?

Pennant signs on roadways are usually made with a bright yellow background with bold lettering saying, ‘No Passing Zone. ‘ The signs often have a narrow black border around the three edges on the face of the sign. The orientation of the triangle points to the lane where drivers should stay.