What does G6 stand for?

What does rocking like a G6?

G6 is short for the Gulfstream G650, a luxury private jet. It’s most commonly used in the phrase fly like a G6, coined by the hip-hop group Far East Movement for someone who is cool, confident, and very rich.

Why did Dierks Bentley write drunk on a plane?

What is a G6 Reddit?

It refers to partying on a plane. A specific plane. A jet plane. A Gulfstream G650.

Does Kesha sing like a G6?

It tells the story of a guy who is left standing alone at the alter but finds the strength to forge ahead on a solo trip to Cancun. Bentley recalled: “(I)went in to write with those guys, and had an idea. Josh threw that idea out, and he said, ‘I always wanted to write a song called ‘Drunk on a Plane.

Is like a G6 about a Pontiac?

flying like a G6 means you have a 50% chance of slamming into the ground and dying.