What do you name an anonymous person?

In legal cases, a popularly accepted name to use when it is determined that an individual needs to maintain anonymity is “John Doe”. This name is often modified to “Jane Doe” when the anonymity-seeker is female. The same names are also commonly used when the identification of a dead person is not known.

Can I be anonymous on Quora?

You can anonymously ask a question by clicking on the drop-down menu, “Show to followers” and selecting “Anonymous” from the list. After you click submit, your question will be posted to Quora and you’ll be taken to theAnonymous Edit Linkfor the anonymous question.

How do you respond anonymously?

Are anonymous questions on Quora really anonymous?

For users and for displaying the content to the users, the anonymous feature works fine. No user will be able to know who you are. Quora User, Have answered thousands of Quora questions. NOTHING is anonymous on the internet.

Can anonymous answers on Quora be tracked?

No. Seriously, Quora have made it so that it is impossible* to know who posted an anonymous question or answer. Quora themselves don’t have that information.

What is Anonymous on Quora?

Anonymous is a Quora feature, which any user can use, if they do not want to disclose who they are while writing any answer or question. If the user select to be anonymous the identity of the user will not be shown to anyone.

What does anonymous mean on Quora?

Q&A site Quora clamps down on anonymitywill review content before publishing, restrict actions. Specifically, anonymous users will no longer upvote, comment, merge questions, suggest edits, send thanks, edit answer wikis, revert edit log operations, or send answer requests.

Is Quora owned by Google?

No, it’s a privately held company. It does have investors who own part of the company through shares. For example, in April 2017 Quora raised $85 million in fundraising by selling shares it private investors (i.e. venture capital groups) on a ~$1.8 billon valuation.

Is Quora dead?

Yes, Quora still exists, and it’s now worth $2 billion.

Is Quora dangerous?

Quora is rated for teens ages 13 and older, and it can be safe for kids with adult supervision. Even if Quora does have moderators, who remove inappropriate content, answers and users, children can come across adult and mature content or negative views on various topics such as religion, politics.

Can Quora be trusted?

Can you really trust Quora’s answers?” No. You shouldn’t digest content on Quora based on trustworthiness. It is not a primary source, nor does it have a uniform standard for quality, presentation, or accuracy. You should definitely not trust answers on Quora.

Why is Quora so addicting?

Frequent notifications give a super-fun sense of interactivity and immediacy — makes the site feel like a game. At times, there is considerably more notification activity for me on Quora than on Facebook, which is remarkable.

Why is Quora down so often?

It may be because the website is overloaded. But if you’re getting this error all the time then probably your browser has cached the error page as the main page for the website you’re trying to access. , I seem to spend a lot of time on Quora.

Is Quora banned in India?

You can ban quora in India for all I care. Just like torrent sites were banned, but let me warn you we Indians are JUGAADU, All I need is a free vpn to get back to this amazing Site.

Is Quora going to shut down?

Quora is not shutting down. With over 300,000,000 monthly unique visitors, it is one of the top 100 sites on the entire internet, generating significant revenue and worth billions of dollars.

Is Quora down today in India?

Quora has a good uptime and sometimes there can be a temporary glitch but it is not down in India.

Why is Quora so slow today?

The app usually becomes slow when there is a lot of work on the main thread rather than in background. So it may not be possible for me to be sure but it would easier sometime in condition to implement to provide more and more the app gets bulky . They may not be using code reusability which may be causing a problem.