How does Apple watch measure cadence?

You can monitor your current and average cadences on Apple Watch while running. To do this, open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to Workout > Workout View > Multiple Metric > Outdoor Run > Edit. Then just tap on Current Cadence and Average Cadence to add them to the metrics list at the top.

How does Apple Watch decide which connection to use?

Your Apple Watch uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to communicate with your paired iPhone. If you have cellular, your watch can also stay connected through a cellular network. Your watch switches between these intelligently to choose the most power-efficient connection.

How does Apple Watch connect to cellular?

Set up cellular on your Apple Watch
  1. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app.
  2. Tap the My Watch tab, then tap Cellular.
  3. Tap Set Up Cellular.
  4. Follow the instructions for your carrier. You might need to contact your carrier for help.

Can I add EZ Link card to Apple pay?

Set the registered card to your Default Card in Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. Doing so will allow the specific card to appear as the first option when you double click, so you can go straight into authentication. Authenticate via passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID before you tap.

How do you pay by phone on the bus?

Can I tap my credit card on the bus?

If you have an American Express, Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card or a linked device, you can use it to pay for your travel by tapping on and tapping off at Opal readers. Just look for the contactless payment symbol . Contactless payments are available on all public transport in the Opal network.

Can I use my bank card on the bus?

Look for the contactless symbol on your credit or debit card to see if your card is contactless enabled. Then, board a bus with the contactless symbol and instead of paying with cash, simply tap your card or contactless-enabled device onto the reader and wait for the beep.

Can I tap my phone on the bus?

Eliminating the hassle for regular top-ups, commuters can now pay for their train and bus trips by tapping their credit card or mobile phone.

Can I tap my Presto card on my phone?

The update means that users can now reload funds through the app, tap their Presto cards to their phones, and their balance will instantly updated. The function was previously available to Android users, but has now been rolled out to iPhones as well.

Can use Apple pay for MRT?

Once you’ve added your card to Apple Pay, you can start using your card to make payments at the MRT or bus gantries. When you are on the lock screen of your phone, you can double tap the side button or the Home button.

How do I activate simply go?

How do I register for TL SimplyGo account?
  1. Create an Account.
  2. Add your travel card. (Mastercard/Visa/ NETS Tap/ account-based EZ-Link/ CePAS card)
  3. Start using your card. for train and bus rides.

Is DBS debit card free?

Is the Visa DBS Debit Card Free? The DBS Visa Debit Card comes at no cost to the cardholder.

How do I use TransitLink SimplyGo?

With SimplyGo, commuters can choose to use their contactless bank cards, or Mastercard and Visa cards added to their mobile wallet# for fare payment, thereby eliminating the need for top-ups. Similar to any contactless bank card purchase, commuters simply take the card out of wallet, tap and go.

Can I use my phone as EZLink?

Yes. The EZ-Link App works on both NFC-enabled and non-NFC enabled phones. However, the EZ-Link App requires the NFC functionality on a compatible mobile phones to support some of the app functions, such as topping up of your EZ-Link.

Can I refund my EZLink card?

Visit any TransitLink Ticket Office or NETS Customer Service Centre and present your card for refund. Refund amount will be credited into your bank account within 14 working days.

Can I tap and pay with my iPhone?

With your Apple Cash, credit, and debit cards stored in the Wallet app on iPhone, you can use Apple Pay for secure, contactless payments in stores, restaurants, and more.

Can I use my debit card as EZLink?

You can now use your debit or credit cards for your bus and train rides with SimplyGo. “But I am so used to using my EZ-Link card – why should I make the switch?” you ask.