How much is a 20 piece KFC bucket?

KFC Menu Prices in Canada
Menu ItemPrice (C$)
Original Chicken Bucket Feast 12 Pcs$33.99
Original Chicken Bucket Feast 16 Pcs$42.99
Original Chicken Bucket Feast 20 Pcs$48.99
Party Pack 25 Pcs$59.99
Nov 24, 2019

How much is a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Below are the latest KFC menu prices in dollars.
8 Pc. Meal with 2 Large Sides & 4 Biscuits.$21.99
8 Pc. Chicken Only.$14.99
12 Pc. Meal with 3 Large Sides & 6 Biscuits.$29.99
12 Pc. Chicken Only.$20.49
May 25, 2021

How much is a 6 piece bucket at KFC?

KFC Menu Prices and Price List UK 2021
KFC Prices UK 2021
Bargain Bucket6 Pieces11.99
Bargain Bucket – 10 Pieces14.99
Bargain Bucket – 14 Pieces17.99
Wicket Variety Bucket6 Pieces/4 Mini Fillets15.99

How many pieces of chicken are in a KFC bucket?

The bucket comes with six pieces of KFC’s Original Recipe chicken, plus four regular fries.

What is standard bucket at KFC?

This gives you two breasts, two wings, two thighs, and two legs) = 8 pieces. I believe is a whole chicken. 2 legs, 2 thighs, 2 wings, and 2 breasts.

How much is 50 pieces of chicken at KFC?

KFC Catering Menu
KFC Chicken Platters
Platter – 25 pc Chicken$39.99
Platter – 50 pc Chicken$78.99
Platter – 100 pc Chicken$149.99

What is the biggest bucket of chicken at KFC?

The giant bucket, which is 8 feet tall and 9 feet wide, will feature the graphics seen on the “retro” bucket currently available in KFC restaurants for a limited time.

How much fried chicken should I order per person?

As a start, here is a basic guide to catering serving sizes per person: Proteins like pulled pork or brisket: 4-5 ounces per person. Fried chicken or similar dishes: 3 pieces per person.

How much is KFC 21 piece?

KFC Menu Prices
Menu ItemPrice (R)
KFC Buckets
9 Piece Chicken Bucket122.90
15 Piece Chicken Bucket199.90
21 Piece Chicken Bucket264.90

Does KFC have a 20 piece bucket?

Twenty dollars can deliver a lot of contentment. And now we’re offering you and your crew a bushel of $20 Fill Up® options to choose from, including our 8-piece Original Recipe® Chicken, 8-piece Extra Crispy™ Chicken, and 12-piece Chicken Extra Crispy™ Tenders.

What’s in a KFC 10 piece bucket?

Each 10Piece Feast includes ten pieces of KFC’s Original Recipe or Extra Crispy bone-in chicken, two large sides of mashed potatoes and gravy, one large side of coleslaw, four biscuits, four chocolate chip cookies, and a half a gallon beverage bucket for 30 bucks.

Are KFC still doing chicken Tuesday?


Whilst we don’t have Chicken Tuesdays, why not head on over to our tasty menu or check out some of our existing deals. Just head to your local KFC, tap the KFC app for Mobile Ordering or hit up the KFC website, and pick up your order. It’s that quick and easy.

What is KFC chicken Tuesday?

Here’s how it works: KFC is taking part in the Eat Out To Help Out government scheme, which means that on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you can dine in and get 50% off your food. So, if you go to KFC on a Tuesday, you will get your £5.99 nine-piece bucket of chicken half price.

What’s the best deal at KFC?

The $5 Fill Up is one of the most popular KFC menu specials, showcasing five fan favorites, sides, and desserts for just five dollars. This KFC menu special currently offers a $5 Fill Up with Drumstick & Thigh, Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Breast, Famous Bowl, and Pot Pie.

Can you ask for fresh chicken at KFC?

It is possible to ask that, but they do have a right to refuse. Chicken hold times last two hours so they try to push the chicken before it officially expires. Dropping it fresh also requires you to wait 20 minutes while it cooks.

What comes in a $20 fill up at KFC?

The Fill Up includes your choice of their 8-piece Original Recipe Chicken, 8-piece Extra Crispy Chicken, or the 12-piece Chicken Extra Crispy Tenders. Each meal comes complete with a large cole slaw, 4 biscuits, and 2 large mashed potatoes and gravy! Valid for a limited time only.

Does KFC still have $5 box?

$5 Fill Ups

KFC has $5 Fill Up meals available in 4 varieties: 3 Extra Crispy tenders, dipping sauce, mashed potatoes, biscuit and a drink, plus a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. One 8 ounce chicken breast, mashed potatoes, biscuit and a drink, plus a chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

What is Taco Bell $5 box?

The Value menu of Taco Bell provides a 5$ chalupa Box with a combination of multiple food items. The 5$ chalupa box includes well-known tacos, burritos and cinnamon twists. It also specifies that you can pick any two types of these following items are hard taco, soft taco, bean burrito and beef burrito.

What is KFC $5 box?

This $5 Fill Up includes two tasty pieces of fried chicken (thigh and drumstick) with larger mashed potatoes, a cookie, a biscuit, and a medium-sized drink.

What’s in a KFC fill up box?

Our mouth watering $4.95 Fill Up is now in store. Loaded with a spicy, crispy Hot Rod, Original Tender, chips, potato and gravy and a bread roll, it’s sure to get your motor running.