How many kW are in a kJ?

Kilowatt to Kilojoule/hour Conversion Table
Kilowatt [kW]Kilojoule/hour [kJ/h]
1 kW3600 kJ/h
2 kW7200 kJ/h
3 kW10800 kJ/h
5 kW18000 kJ/h

How do you convert kJ kg to kW?

Please provide values below to convert kilojoule/kilogram [kJ/kg] to gram/kilowatt/hour, or vice versa.

Kilojoule/kilogram to Gram/kilowatt/hour Conversion Table.

Kilojoule/kilogram [kJ/kg]Gram/kilowatt/hour
50 kJ/kg72000 gram/kilowatt/hour
100 kJ/kg36000 gram/kilowatt/hour
1000 kJ/kg3600 gram/kilowatt/hour

Is a kJ kg a kW?

How to convert energy in kilojoules (kJ) to electric power in kilowatts (kW). You can calculate kilowatts from kilojoules and seconds, but you can’t convert kilojoules to kilowatts, since kilojoule and kilowatt units represent different quantities.

Is kJ A’s kW?

kJ/skW 1 kJ/s = 1 kW.

Is kJ H kW?

kJ/hkW 1 kW = 3600 kJ/h.

How do you convert kJ per hour to kW?

How to convert kilojoules to kilowatt hour? 1 Kilojoule is equal to 0.000277777778 kilowatt hour (kWh). To convert kJ to kWh, multiply the kJ value by 0.000277777778 or divide by 3600.

What is kJ H?

Kilojoule per hour (kJ/h) is the SI multiple of the derived power measurement unit joule per second (J/sec) or watt (W).

How do you convert kJ H to HP?

In relation to the base unit of [power] => (watts), 1 Kilojoules Per Hour (kJ/h) is equal to 0.27777777777778 watts, while 1 Horsepower (hp) = 745.69987158227 watts.

POWER Units Conversion. kilojoules-per-hour to horsepower.

1 Kilojoules Per Hourto common power units
1 kJ/h= 0.27777777777778 volt ampere (VA)

How do you calculate kJ per hour?

1 kJ/h = 0.00027777777777778 kW.

POWER Units Conversion. kilojoulesperhour to kilowatts.

1 Kilojoules Per Hourto common power units
1 kJ/h= 0.00026328253342037 btu per second (BTU/s)

How many kJ are in a HP?

kJ/h↔hp 1 hp = 2684.5197170516 kJ/h.

How do you convert J to HP?

Convert from Joules per second to Horsepower.

Joules per second to Horsepower.

1 Joules per second = 0.0013 Horsepower10 Joules per second = 0.0134 Horsepower2500 Joules per second = 3.3526 Horsepower
9 Joules per second = 0.0121 Horsepower1000 Joules per second = 1.341 Horsepower1000000 Joules per second = 1341.02 Horsepower

How many kW is a 1 hp motor?

Horsepower (metric) to Kilowatt Conversion Table
Horsepower (metric)Kilowatt [kW]
0.01 horsepower (metric)0.0073549875 kW
0.1 horsepower (metric)0.073549875 kW
1 horsepower (metric)0.73549875 kW
2 horsepower (metric)1.4709975 kW

What is the value of 1 horsepower?

Horsepower, the common unit of power; i.e., the rate at which work is done. In the British Imperial System, one horsepower equals 33,000 foot-pounds of work per minute—that is, the power necessary to lift a total mass of 33,000 pounds one foot in one minute.

How many watts are in a horsepower?

One electric horsepower is equal to exactly 746 watts.

Is 1 HP equal to a horse?

Calculating the Power of a Single Horse

Each horse pushed with a force that Watt estimated at 180 pounds. From this, Watt calculated that one horsepower was equivalent to one horse doing 33,000 foot-pounds of work in one minute.

How much power of watts are there in 5 horsepower?

Watts to horsepower conversion table
Watts (W)Mechanic horsepower (hp(I))Electric horsepower (hp(E))
2 W0.002682 hp0.002681 hp
3 W0.004023 hp0.004021 hp
4 W0.005364 hp0.005362 hp
5 W0.006705 hp0.006702 hp

How many watts is 1 hp class 11 physics?

Hence, the value of 1 horsepower is 746 watts.

What is the value of 1 watt?

Watts (W) and Kilowatts (kW):

Watts are defined as 1 Watt = 1 Joule per second (1W = 1 J/s) which means that 1 kW = 1000 J/s. A Watt is the amount of energy (in Joules) that an electrical device (such as a light) is burning per second that it’s running.

What is the difference between Watt and HP?

The main difference between Watt and Horsepower is that the Watt is a SI derived unit of power and Horsepower is a unit of power. Two common definitions being used today are the mechanical horsepower (or imperial horsepower), which is about 745.7 watts, and the metric horsepower, which is approximately 735.5 watts.