How do I contact AP class?

Sign in to My AP and navigate to My AP Profile to make any changes. If you need further assistance, contact AP Services at 888-225-5427 or 212-632-1780.

How do I fax to college Board?

Mail credit card payments to AP Services, P.O. Box 6671, Princeton, NJ 08541-6671 or fax 610-290-8979.

How do I email Collegeboard?

General Inquiries
  1. Customer Service. Contact Form. Send a Message to the College Board. Phone. 866-630-9305. International.
  2. College Board Store. Email. [email protected] Phone. 800-323-7155. International.
  3. Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Email. [email protected] Phone. 844-255-7728. International.

What is an AP email address?

The Associated Press

1500 or email [email protected] for general inquiries.

Does Collegeboard delete your account?

You can’t delete your College Board account, but you can close it. If you close your account, you won’t be able to see or send any of your test scores, and you won’t be able to access your college lists or any other information you’ve saved.

How do I reset my Collegeboard account?

Submit the username and email address associated with your account. (If you forgot your username, get that first through the Forgot Username page.) You’ll be asked to answer your security question. If you correctly answer it, you’ll be able to reset your password and access your account.

Can I delete an act account?

Select the radio button to the left of the correct user’s name, then select Delete. before the account can be deleted. Additionally, accounts cannot be deleted while a test is actively launched.

Why can’t I log into my College Board account?

Once your account is locked, you’ll receive an email telling you how to unlock it. If you forget your password, click Forgot Password to reset it. Be sure to make your password as secure as possible. If you’re still having trouble, call customer service at 866-315-6068.

Why can’t I access my AP scores?

If you don’t receive your scores by September 1, contact AP Services at [email protected] or 888-225-5427 (toll free) or 212-632-1780. If you notice that exams that you took last year or earlier (up to four years ago) are missing it might be because you have multiple accounts.

How do you know if you have a College Board account?

Your College Board ID is on the front of the score report. If youre on a mobile device or haven’t taken an SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, or PSAT 8/9, contact Customer Service.

Why won’t my AP exam app open?

From the homepage, close the app, reopen it, and try again. Do not uninstall and reinstall the app. If these options don’t work within 24 hours after the end of the exam, you can call AP Services for Students at 888-225-5427.

How do I cancel my digital AP exam 2021?

There are two ways to cancel an exam registration for a student: Students can log in to Once logged in, students can request an exam cancellation.

What happens if internet goes down during AP test?

The College Board

If you lose your connection once the exam has started, don’t worry—the app will continue to administer your exam and record your responses. You’ll need an internet connection after your responses have been recorded so the app can submit them to the AP Program.

Will AP exams require cameras?

In order to take the digital AP Exams, you must agree to the official terms and conditions of the exam. While the College Board had originally announced that digital AP exams would require a camera and a photo identification, that requirement has since been removed.

What happens if you miss your AP exam?

Missing AP exams happens. If you are allowed to make up your AP test, you will take an alternate form a couple of weeks after the regularly scheduled exam. If you are not allowed to make it up, however, then the exam won’t show up on your score report.

Can you cheat on AP exams?

If you are caught cheating on an AP exam they will nullify the grade, whatever grade you made on that exam. Depending on how motivated college board is they can also not let you take other exams and notify your high school and give colleges that information somehow.

What happens if you cheat on an AP exam?

In order to prevent cheating, The College Board has developed plagiarism-detection software that will review each exam. Similarly, each exam will also be reviewed by a teacher. Students accused of cheating (or when the software detects cheating), scores will be automatically canceled.