What are some good ways use excess of milk

How do you use old milk? Spoiled milk can replace buttermilk or sour cream in baked goods. It can also be used to tenderize meats or added to soups, casseroles, or salad dressings. Try using

What can i use to cover my outdoor faucet

What can I use if I don’t have an outdoor faucet cover? If freezing weather is already upon you and you don’t have the time to buy a hard or soft cover, don’t worry! The

How does gee define literacy

What does discourse mean in literacy? In modern language, the word “discourse” simply means written or spoken communication. However, James Paul Gee, author of Literacy and Linguistics has a different idea about this word. He

What two plates caused the nepal earthquake

Which two tectonic plates caused the Nepal earthquake? Causes. On 25 April 2015 a 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal in Asia. The earthquake occurred on a convergent collision plate boundary between the Indian and Eurasian plates.
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