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Why do people believe social class at this age

Why is social class relevant today? Today it is very clear that social class is still relevant in our society, this is obvious because a number of social institutes are affected by the differences in

What kind of soil do i use for pond plants

Do I need special soil for pond plants? Soil: Compost suitable for planting aquatic plants should be a medium to heavy loam. Garden soil can be used if it is free from fertiliser and herbicides.

Who is the head of the scottish government

Who is the leader of the government in Scotland? As head of the Scottish Government, the first minister is directly accountable to the Scottish Parliament for their actions and the actions of the wider government.

Is optavia the same as nutrisystem

What is the average weight loss on Optavia? about 12 pounds Why is Optavia bad? You also won’t lose loads of muscle because you’ll be eating lots of protein, fiber and key nutrients while consuming

What year was non alcoholic drink first sold UK pubs

What was the first non-alcoholic beer in the UK? When did non-alcoholic beer come out? Photo: Nirvana Brewery. Nirvana Brewery, the UK’s first ever non-alcoholic brewery has redesigned its bottles to reflect the company is

Does amazon reship stolen packages

Is Amazon liable for stolen packages? Amazon covers most stolen packages through its “A-to-Z” Guarantee Protection. If that’s the case for your purchase, Amazon requires that you first contact the Amazon Seller and try to

Can you grow mustard greens indoors

How do you grow mustard greens at home? Is it easy to grow mustard greens? Do mustard greens grow back every year? Growing mustards is something that may be unfamiliar to many gardeners, but this

What is the future of philosophy

Is philosophy a good career? Career Opportunities Philosophy is the ultimate “transferable work skill.” With its emphasis on reason and argumentation, philosophy is an excellent preparation for a career in law, religion, business, international diplomacy,
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